Outfitting & Canoe Rentals

Top 10 Reasons to Rent Your Canoe Right on Lake One (instead of in town):

View from Kawishiwi cabin 7 pier on Lake One
  1. Avoid the traffic by not renting in town, and get a head start on Lake One portage!
  2. Fast Service--Just drive down to the lake, load the canoe, & paddle away.
  3. No added pressure of pick-up schedules, deadlines or transportation fees.
  4. Hassle-free because all our outfitting equipment is right at the lake—no packing, towing, or unloading!
  5. Lake One is 100% motor-free—no motor boats, tow boats, or float planes—so you will enjoy a truly peaceful and tranquil wilderness experience in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
  6. Personalized service from Frank, Jake & Brent—right on Lake One, where you need it.
  7. Rent a Lakeside Bunkhouse or Lakeside Lodge before your trip.
  8. A larger variety of Boundary Waters canoe routes—there are more routes out of Lake One than from most starting points, so you can have a unique adventure on every outing!
  9. Rates competitive with any local Ely outfitter—we truly offer the best value in canoe renting  
  10. Secure parking in our own lot—avoid security concerns about the BWCAW public access lot.

  11. DAY TRIPS There is a 2-day minimum rental on canoes. 100% of the cost of day use canoe rentals is donated to youth sports in Ely.